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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay:
5 paragraph essay.doc
5 Paragraph Essay Assignment:
5 Paragraph Essay Assignment.doc
How to Write a Paragraph:
Writing a Paragraph.doc

Help using the wiki:

(labeled for commercial reuse with modification)
How to change the language on a google search:

Reading log sheet:

Reading response and reading log directions:
Reading response and reading log DUE EVERY MONDAY.doc

Create a timeline!

Create a wordle!

Example News Script and Blank News Script:
Example Script and Script ESL C.doc
Current events and news:

Reading and Writing Games and Activities:

Writing Online stories Reading! vocabulary practice

Parts of Speech Games:Common/Proper NounsRats- Noun Practice
Practice Proper NounsProper Nouns
Noun, Pronoun Adjective,Verb PracticeParts of Speech Practice
Singular & Plural Nouns Plural Girls
Sentence/Not a Sentence? Sentence Practice

Typing games:

Bubble Game
Typing Games
Dance Mat Typing

Educational fun games and links for middle schoolers: site may help you with parts of speech.
Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech Videos NOUNs school house rock ADJECTIVES school house rock VERBS school house rock ADVERBS school house rock

Blabberize: Blabberize- use to speak for a character or animal A Talking Animal

Create a Voki:

Great websites to use with presentations:

The following website can be used in place of inspiration at home and this program is free.